The company focuses its business activity in the areas of environmental projects, industry and building. TECHNOR ENGINEERING offers complete solutions in these areas, providing “turn key” projects using worldly derecognized products and technologies. TECHNOR actively participates in all the phases of the projects it delivers, from the initial study and design to the final commissioning and delivery. In implementing its projects, TECHNOR uses not only products that she represents, but also products from a very wide range of sources in order to provide the most adequate solutions both technically and economically. 

TECHNOR ENGINEERING represents top of the scale products from companies that are internationally renowned in the areas of automation, informatics, telecommunications, instrumentation, water transportation and treatment systems. TECHNOR offers complete solutions in:

  • Waster water treatment plants with KUBOTA MBR (Membrane Bioreactor)

  • Pumps, mixers, diffusers

  • Automation systems and instrumentation (PLC, SCADA) – Telemetry systems

  • Leakage detection systems in water distribution networks

  • Water measuring instruments, according to EU directive 60/2000 

In addition, TECHNOR provides solutions as:

  • Study/design of electromechanical installations, electrical panels, automation and telemetry systems

  • Design and scaling of pumping units, mixers, aeration

  • Software development

  • Automation and informatics system integration

  • Project commissioning

  • Training on delivered projects and systems

  • Complete maintenance and technical support solutions

  • Electromechanical installations

  • Project management

  • Instruments selection, scaling and set up

  • Measurement analysis and logging, field measurement

  • Leakage detection and location of all types of pipes

  • Radio communication design, study and testing 

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